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From corporate Annual General Meetings to high profile live events, The Edge has provided video webcasting and live production services to clients like Solium Capital, SimpleWealth, TEDxUofC, CTV Television and the University of Calgary.


Reach out and connect with your employees, stakeholders, customers or shareholders and overcome the barrier of multiple locations and distances. Bring people together where they can share and interact in a way that engages and entertains by broadcasting your event or presentation with a video webcast from The Edge.

SimpleWealth founders Greg Habstritt and Kourosh Assef share their experience about producing their first live video webcast with The Edge:

SimpleWealth Testimonial
  The Power of Webcasting
  SimpleWealth Testimonial

SimpleWealth Sample
 SimpleWealth Live Webcast
 Sample Highlights

Engaging and Interactive

Make your event or presentation a truly dynamic experience by engaging viewers with PowerPoint™ slides. Use multiple cameras to cover different speakers, panels or forums. Include other videos, photos, graphics and animations, show live web pages and much more.

Add any level of interactivity you wish to your presentation, whether it's responding to questions from your live audience, or posed by email or live chat, interacting with guest speakers via live Skype video calls, or allowing your customers to purchase products directly from your webcast page.

Mobile or Studio Webcasts

Our webcasting system is completely mobile. We can set up a live video webcast in almost any location that has Internet access. If you need a more controlled, flexible and affordable location, we make it easy for you to webcast more often and for less cost in our own studio, complete with green screen capabilities, teleprompters and more.

The Edge is taking live production and video webcasting to a whole new level of creativity and professionalism. We make your webcast look like a live television production.

Take your next event or presentation to a whole new level with a video webcast from The Edge.

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