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At The Edge we make it easy for you and your organization to have videos that speak directly to your audience. The first step in the creation of each video is to build a strategy that best meets your needs. We know your needs are unique and we won’t try to put a box around your ideas. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or represent a large organization, every video we make is custom tailored to your message and to your audience.

For entrepreneurs and small business owners, we understand how to leverage the power of the web to create content that rises above the clutter. Carefully crafted video creates opportunities for more people to know and like you and your services.

If you work for a large organization, we understand how a video needs to work as a component of your existing communications and branding. We also have clear insights on how to implement an enterprise-wide solution for the creation and use of video.

Video is a powerful tool that can create positive change in many aspects of your business. With year over year growth in the number of consumers finding services through online video, your marketing must include video that stands out.

Here's a partial list of how our clients have used video strategically for their business:

        ●  Business Profile

        ●  B-roll Footage

        ●  Corporate "Town Hall" Meeting

        ●  Customer or Stakeholder Appreciation

        ●  Customer Testimonial

        ●  Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

        ●  Focus Groups

        ●  Health, Safety and Environment

        ●  Human Resources

        ●  Investor Relations/Fundraising

        ●  Legal Documentation

        ●  Message from Management

        ●  News Magazine

        ●  Product or Service Promotion

        ●  Proof of Concept/Market Testing

        ●  Demonstration of Regulatory Compliance

        ●  Spokesperson on Camera

        ●  Success Story/Case Study

        ●  Training/E-Learning

        ●  Television Commercial

        ●  Trade Show

        ●  Video News Release

        ●  Video Webcast

        ●  Web Commercial

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